Union County, North Carolina

Located centrally along the Eastern United States, Union County has access to 62% of the US population within a 650-mile radius.  From this vantage point, companies are able to gain access to nearly 200 million people in a mere two hours by plane and one-day by vehicle.  By being only a few miles outside of Charlotte, our companies have virtually instant access to one of the largest trading regions in the US expanding nearly 150-miles and encompassing 12 million people.

Union County’s communities possess a diverse and skilled workforce, ranging from business executives to engineers and from manufacturing technicians to entry-level workers.  This diversity allows our local economy to be stable throughout the rise and fall of the business cycle.  The technical and specialty skills needed to maintain the workforce pipeline are provided through South Piedmont Community College, Wingate University and the Union County Public Schools.  The broad array of skill sets allows our community to manufacture products for the following sectors: Aerospace, Advanced Metals / Metal Working, Agribusiness, Automotive – Commercial Vehicles, Building Products, Data – E-commerce, Defense, Energy Efficiency, Machine Building, Medical Products, and Plastics.      


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Gander Mountain to reopen three Charlotte-area stores under a new name

05 January 2018 - The popular hunting store Gander Mountain is reopening three stores in the Charlotte area under a new name: Gander Outdoors. Monroe's store is one of the stores that are re-opening.

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