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NCTA Safety Management Council Announces Tim Birmingham of Edwards Wood Products as Safety Director of the Year

24 September 2013

North Carolina Trucking Association Newsletter - The Bulletin

Tim Birmingham with Edwards Wood Products Inc. was honored by the North Carolina Trucking Association Safety Management Council (NCTA) with its Safety Director of the Year Award at their Safety Conference in Myrtle Beach on August 31, 2013.

Tim joined Edwards Wood Products in April of 2011 as Transportation Safety Director. Tim's wife along with Jeff Edwards, President of Edwards Wood Products and Terry Williamson, Operators Manager with Edwards Wood Products were present for the presentation.

Edwards Wood Products Inc. General Manager and Vice President of Transportation Gerald Myers said "Who would have ever thought when we were looking for a safety professional in the small town of Marshville, NC that we would find Tim only a few miles away. He has fit perfectly into the role. His professionalism and commitment to safety have played a vital role in the expansion within the Transportation Department. Tim is respected by drivers and management and obviously by his peers within the transportation field."

Tim has deep roots and started very early within the transportation field. He began with truck/trailer washing before moving on to become a diesel mechanic, operation supervisor, CDL driver, driver trainer, driver school instructor, and finally a regional safety manager.

In addition to Tim's work at Edwards, Tim has served as Treasure, Secretary and Vice Chairman with the NCTA Safety Management Council.

On attending the award presentation Jeff Edwards said," It was a good night for Edwards Wood Products Transportation". Not only was Tim honored as its Safety Director of the Year. Edwards Wood Products, Inc. was also recognized by North Carolina Trucking Association Safety Management Council (NCTA) with the best ratio of hours worked relative to time lost due to industrial accidents with a 1st Place Award for trucking companies with 1-100 employees and Zero Lost Workday Cases Award.


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