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Carolina Woods Products Awarded $30,000 Recycling Grant

02 February 2015

Carolina Wood Products of Marshville has been awarded a 2015 Recycling Business Development Grant from the Recycling Business Assistance Center, a division of the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The purpose of the grant is to reduce the flow of solid waste to disposal facilities and encourage the sustainable recovery of materials from North Carolina’s waste stream.

“We are grateful to receive the 2015 Recycling Business Development Grant and look forward to working with the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resource. This grant will enable Carolina Wood Products to continue to grow our business,” said Randy Horne, Vice President.

Funding from this grant will enable Carolina Wood Products to purchase new equipment used to process and break down broken and used pallets, preventing them from being placed in a landfill. These pallets can be ground down to wood chips and sold to other companies who use them in their manufacturing processes, such as the paper and biomass industries.

“Monroe-Union County Economic Development provides support to our existing industries in a variety of functions, including grant applications,” stated Gretchen Carson, Project Manager. “We are pleased to have been able to assist Carolina Wood Products in applying for this recycling grant.”

Carolina Wood Products is a family owned business that has been manufacturing wood pallets since 1968. One of the largest pallet producers in North Carolina, Carolina Wood Products has the diversity to produce small batches of custom-ordered pallets as well high volume orders of more standard sized pallets. Examples of these range from pallets used in automated stacking systems and robotic arms, to heat and mold treated pallets for international export. To better meeting the needs of customers, Carolina Wood Products offers a “drop and switch” option allowing trailers with new pallets to be dropped off at a facility and then later retrieved filled with wood waste to be recycled. Carolina Wood Products is also a participant in the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association’s (NWPCA) Specified Pallets Engineered for Quality program (SPEQ program) which provides an independent audit of new and repaired pallets, plus new components, and fasteners which conform to NWPCA Uniform Standard for Wooden Pallets and the Pallet Design System.



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