2017 Fall Supervisory Training Seminar Series - Fundamentals of High Performance Teams

15 November 2017 - 15 November 2017

Venue: South Piedmont Community College - Creech Board Room
Location: 4209 Old Charlotte Highway, Monroe, NC 28110

Supervisory Training Seminar Series – Fundamentals of High Performance Teams

Monroe-Union County Economic Development, in partnership with HPO Associates, has arranged for a Supervisory Training Seminar Series for Union County industries.

Presented in a series of 6 half-day modules, the seminar series begins with a broad view of the Supervisor's role and responsibilities, then shifts towards learning the importance of trust and listening to others. Strategies for identifying and managing people are offered, along with conflict resolution and how to get more from teams. These 6 sessions will improve the Supervisor's ability to manage behaviors of others in a more productive direction. This seminar series is designed for Supervisors who are new in their roles or for those who have never received formal training managing others.  

In this session, you will learn the definition of a High Performance team and how it differs from a traditional work group.  Study the three elements of High Performance and learn how to identify four common types of teams.  Then become aware of the stages of team development and how this process affects team performance. 


7:30 am:   Registration and Breakfast     

8:00 am:   Supervisory Training Session 

12:00 pm:  Conclusion



$100 per participant, including workbook materials and breakfast. Payment is non-transferable and credit cannot be applied forward for missed courses.

Participants will receive a confirmation upon registration from Monroe-Union County Economic Development; registration will not be guaranteed until payment is received. 

Registration Deadline:

November 2, 2017 - No registrations will be accepted after this date.


Please note that the Supervisory Training Seminar Series is intended for Union County Existing Industry manufacturer participants only.                                          

Questions - please call Gretchen Carson at Monroe-Union County Economic Development, 704.282.5780.


About HPO Associates:

HPO Associates mission is to “develop sustainable high performance organizations.” HPO Associates uses a HPO Blueprint in achieving Operational Excellence, Leadership Capability and Workforce Engagement. We enjoy partnering with businesses to provide easy access to human resources and business solutions. This includes, high quality training and consulting services for those clients who want to strengthen both their systems and people assets. 

Seminar Trainer – Alexis Berman:

Alexis has over 15 years of HR experience working with global companies. Alexis’s experience includes talent management, leadership development, training and development, organizational change, and organizational restructuring. Alexis started her career as a Research Associate looking into possible causes and developing recommendations to prevent workplace violence at the United States Postal Service. She later worked for Merck Pharmaceuticals and Chobani.

Alexis has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Rochester and a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Organizational Development and a Master of Industrial Labor Relations with a focus in Human Resources from Cornell University. Alexis is very involved in the Charlotte community including volunteering for the Urban Ministries Operation Sandwich initiative and serving on the Board of Directors for Omni Montessori. 


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